The Accidental Foodie

When i was young(er), i really didn't pay much attention to food. It was another biological need like sleep, it had to be done quickly, not to cost a lot, not to demand effort. After i had many disastrous attempts trying to cook for myself, i decided, a glass a milk and a boiled egg during the day were just fine, healthy, no need of time, let alone the money i could save to invest in books and music records -  vinyl of course!

I remember the first time i tried to cook for my friends, poor guys, the meal turned out to be so salty, it was impossible to eat despite their best efforts! But you know...it was fun.
Nowadays i own more than fifty cook books and i really love to cook for my family and friends  - oh my faithful friends, and i spend many hours reading food blogs, some of them are a real masterpiece, with amazing ideas and the photos...OMG , the photos are a reason to visit!

Raised like this, my daughter has grown a talent for cooking, she likes to experiment a lot and the most important - she cleans the kitchen every time she uses it, which makes mummy happy and smiley!   

Have a nice cooking day
Love, K.

all photos via pinterest.com