The Pain

I've been fighting spine problems for more than 25 years. A pain situation is not something we can do easily with, we do not like to talk about, in fact when in crisis i really feel like i want to close every door of my house, eyes and ears wide shut, till the moment it will be over.

Many times i feel like i don't have the right to complain since there are people who suffer worse situations, but born with spine problems makes life a bit hard sometimes, especially when you are a stubborn person who do not accept cruel reality, aka do not protect yourself.

Yoga helped me a big deal and Pilates proved to be what i finally chose because it is much softer and healing. During periods of pain i find out i feel much better when i think about brighter days. It really works with me to read a lot - as i have to spend endless hours in bed - surfing into happy blogs, watching my daughter singing, making plans for summer vacations (oh, yes!), pretending i do not pain till the moment i make a move...But every time i have to deal with this thing, i always make the same thought, that pain is here for a reason, to make me realize i have to be polite with my body, my soul, my loved ones. I have to live life with respect, cause nothing can be taken for granted and although it sounds like a cliche' i believe in the power of positive thoughts and love giving!

Have you all a wonderful day

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com and cocoandsilk