Lady in a Shoe Box

The other day i was down to the city center and i noticed all the beautiful summer shoes laying in the shops. I'm telling you some of them - in fact too many of them -  were so attractive i turned on the search engine in my purse....My mind was directing amazing scenarios of how and when i was going to wear them, how stunning (OK don't mention this vanity crisis) i would look with these shoes, how i really  needed them, i hardly had anything to wear this summer and all the reasons my brain could create to make me take them - eehhh no, not all of them...Only problem? Where on earth was i supposed to store them???

As i have said my house is a shoe box , but with smaller shoe boxes everywhere, under the bed, into the closet, into the bathroom, my kitchen units are the next step - of humiliation...

Perhaps we could start thinking the possibility of finding a bigger house...why not? OK, i know...
I hate the voice of common sense, i hate i obey almost every time, i hate she is always right. I did not even put a step into the shops....but for the future...i do not promise anything!

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com