A Toyland into the House

It is the most colorful, joyful, messy and sometimes romantic part of the house, a kid's room. I remember spending endless hours playing with my daughter - mostly with her favorite bunny, she insisted to call it Miaou though - lying on the floor, painting and coloring books, even eating still on the floor, pretending we were having picnics!

I like kids' rooms, they are always a bit messy but not the adult way, it is a kind of creative messiness, imaginative creatures are flying above our heads - at least this is what I've been told many times - and time always seems to be meaningless in there...let alone the time machines we can always use in a room like that! Flying into the future or back to the dinosaurs'  age was never this easy...you know ... 

My daughter likes to change her room every two or three years, (like father like son), and we have come through different phases of design likes, the romantic, the fairyland, the barbie queen, the i want everything to be lilac phase, the 1D posters all around the walls, and so on... 

Next month we are going to repaint her room and to tell you the truth, even though i am so happy watching her growing up, i sometimes do miss the 'era' when the room was a light pink and white shade, with Laura Ashley bed covers and fairies flying over our heads!

Have a lovely week.

Love, K.

photos via housetohome.co.uk