Make my Friday, DIY ideas

When i saw this Lego storage i got so exited i ran into my daughter's room to find if she still had that old Lego box.
I am not that good in the DIY story and i truly envy people who manage to create miracles using their hands. But i have the will and the spirit to try, after all it is not something too hard to do. In addition, i have a strong difficulty to throw away empty glass jars, and teen jars, i find every possible reason to reuse them - i think I'm in love with domestic glass for years - and adding fresh flowers does not take much effort right?

Now that we are so close to start having  our dinners outside you can try it, put every kind of green and flower into your glass jars and bring this freshness and beauty all around. Last but not least, if you do have a backyard, take a look at this amazing blackboard that will make your children or grandchildren forget about everything else...

Have a blissful weekend.

Love, K.