Let the Sun Shine

Last week we had such beautiful sunny days, like the ones we have in Greece during spring, so we decided to go for a walk. 
I am not really a country girl, in fact i do not get excited  for a walk into nature, let alone my spring allergies, but since the majority chose to have a dash of sunshine it was useless for me  to say no! 
Due to my complains they told me it was only going to be a short walk to the nearest hill, i took my camera and left the house silent hoping we were returning back home soon.

I admit, the term nature for me equals to my lovely flowers in the balcony, or the trees along the city streets, so i feel ashamed to confess  the surprise i had when i saw how beautiful it was and i could not stop taking pictures and shouting every two meters "ooohhh, look at this, aaahhh, look at that'' like an idiot! I really can not remember the last time i walked into a forest, i could not have enough and i felt extremely relaxed and calm and happy and alive and acted like a child....

We came back after we had gathered a small bunch of wild flowers and i remembered the words of my favorite writer when i was a young girl, 
''wild flowers are twice as precious,
 first, you can not buy them, 
second, the person who offers them had to pick them by himself...''

P.s. this post is dedicated to my beloved friend Maria, who is an environment warrior and she fights for nature, among other things... I love you, do not give up...

Love, K.   

all photos by cocoandsilk