Wallpaper love

I remember when i was a child, every respectful house in the city (that is Thessaloniki), had a room decorated with wallpaper. During the 50's (this i could not remember but i have seen many movies) wallpaper was a strong decorating trend at least in Greece - Britain for ex. was always a wallpaper lover no matter the era - but here things were a bit different.  By the 80's wallpaper was like an evil spirit needed to be exorcised from home and so it was. It's been some years now that things started to change and looks like wallpaper is here to stay. 
Personally, i like it a lot and i have a million ideas how i could use it at home if my partner was not that against it. Anyway this is a battle with no final result yet, so i will keep you informed, in the meantime designers are creating miracles with wallpaper and every year, colors, themes and textures are better and more tempting...Gee I'm that close to find the perfect one that will make my bedroom a completely different room....have i ever mentioned how much i like to renovate rooms?

Love, K.