Comfy Pants

Remember the days when we used to lay in bed so we could fit into  our skinny jeans? Well, these days seem to be gone forever...at least for me. The more i grow the more i appreciate comfy clothes. Clothes that make me feel good, work and move all day without turning my body stressed, clothes that can be worn from early teens to late -ys and still look good.

Comfy pants are a big love and a big part of my closet now, of course the fabric is always important to me also. Sometimes C. and i are wearing the same pants only in a different size, but most of the times i have to confess, i try to get the lower price option for her as i tend to keep my clothes for a very long time - especially those that i love - and she doesn't.

Now that sweet  fall is knocking at our door, it is the best period to wear and enjoy them as much as possible, just  soft loose pants, a t-shirt and a pair of  sandals, or flip-flops - simplicity!

Have a lovely-lovely day

Love, K.

photos via .ruemag.com