Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is a most amazing label for jeans and their philosophy is to repair, reuse and recicle all these jeans that we love and do not want to live without.
They use organic fabric for their denim collection and the are proud of it. 

I could say that their repair shops are in fact concept stores, at least the one i visited in Sweden. You try your jeans and right next to you another pair is under the sewing machine. 

I remember how many times i had to throw my old jeans away as it was not possible for my mother to repair them any more, i don't know about you but i had jeans that i never wanted to give away, so old and soft and loving!

Nudie is a men's collection company but if you, like me, prefer the boyfriend style of jeans then you can have your pick.

Love, K.

all photos via here