Good Taste Makes Me Happy

I love people with good taste, I really admire them. You know the kind of people who can set a beautiful table with just a glass of wine  and a piece of cheese, the ones who know how to create a wonderful home without breaking the bank and who know how to be dressed nicely while their bank account do not declare a member of the Rothschild family.

I remember my grandma who could create a wonderful dinner for a whole family with almost nothing and still make the table look tempting, she had always her hair nicely done, had the smell of fresh soap and her little house was a pleasure for the eye.

I am not the kind of person with the charisma of creating something out of nothing, but i feel completely happy when i see something beautiful, a house, a movie, an art installation, a beautiful face...and this is why i love the Internet and cinema and books and music so much, because no matter how ugly some things may be, at the end of the day we may find ourselves relaxing and retreating through the magic of so many amazing pictures and realize that even if it is just a simple photo, the world can be really beautiful or at least look  beautiful and all the amazing creative people around the globe are taking care of this....

A beautiful home is a medicine for the soul.

Have a lovely day

Love, K.

photos via here and here