Make My Friday - The White Issue

When i visited Stockholm i admit i felt strongly in love with all things white, even though i still remain a color lover.
White makes my spirit relaxed, makes me feel distressed and peaceful and reflexes the light so beautifully...
When i came back i brought with me a ton of books and magazines - a bad habit of me, buying books while abroad is always a headache , nobody likes to be overweight at the airport, but ok...

My next very urgent project is to turn my bedroom into a different style which is about white and grey with some strong but also dramatically few pieces of color. Of course, when this is going to happen, i will show you photos of pre and after project results. The good thing is, most of my bedroom furn are already white so i guess painting the walls, (for the first time on my own), will give me a perfect canvas to work with.

Here are some inpiring photos all in white.

Love, K.

photos via pinterest