Make My Friday, Raw Beauty

So many times i ask myself, what really defines beauty, is it something different for everyone of us, or is it something really obvious?
And when we see a picture that looks pretty amazing no matter the object, is it a real thing or the digital talent of a person, the talent of a stylist, a designer, or photographer....?

The more i try to find beauty all around the more difficult it is to discover it because i believe that real beauty comes from a raw, primitive substance , like nature, like an innocent smile, like the rain  and of course like the vision of an artist and that artist can be a fashion designer or a home stylist, or a movie director, or a painter , or an architect, or a cook, or anyone of us. Beauty lays on truth and the more truthful something is the better beauty settles upon it.

I find it unbearable to live in a world where beauty does not exist, so i make it my job whenever i find people who create something beautiful, to talk about it. Pia Ulin and Lotta Agaton are creating amazing things, the first as a photographer and the second as an interior stylist. Their work is wonderful and i love it. Their Scandinavian DNA made one more miracle (or two). Together they have created a book, Colorful , which is also exceptional! And that's the thing with beauty, like love...like life...you can never have enough.

Have a most wonderful weekend.
Love, K.

 photo credit Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin