Diving Into Deep Water

Life is strange - yes, you already know this i am sure!
Just when you think you are ready to give up, something good is going to happen and give you the courage to start all over again.
This year  was quite hard  for me, many things went wrong, my health was an issue , i had a million thoughts come and go into my head but i could not find the courage to make the big step. Financial insecurity, fear for failure, bureaucracy, everything seemed to be against starting something new. Add to the previous a not so good health condition and you got the picture...
But, it is true after all , we all have powers we do not know we possess and it is not easy but if we want something dramatically, we will find the way to do it. It took me three years of fighting with myself , a damaged health and too many inner battles and doubts cause it is not easy to leave what you always knew and walk somewhere unknown, on the other hand you will never know till you try, so....it is at last becoming true, my knew job is taking flesh little by little and things are getting more clear every day.

The truth is, even though i am so insecure right now of what it is going to be like, i feel extremely excited about the whole thing and a very positive feeling is all around me and my beloved family. It is so important that they are all so supportive and helpful, to me it is half the way...

Starting a new thing is like a birth process, frightening and wonderful. During the next months we will have so many things to talk about...i hope most of them in a positive manner.

I wish you a wonderful inspiring week.
Love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk