Is It Black And White Or White And Black?

Many times in my life i have felt like two powers are existing into me. I am not talking about good or bad, create or destroy and things like this, i am talking of finding myself feel attracted to completely different things by the same time, ex. i absolutely adore white and in the same time i can go crazy for a Mexican style vibrant sofa, or, spending a small fortune to get a flowery labeled dress and never actually wear it because i believe soft and neutral palette is  more close to my style...so what is happening? Am i a confused personality or is this happening to all of us and it is just our right to freedom, to express and love different aspects and styles of design, fashion, art, even people...

Of course, the world is full of diversity. Things can never be black and white, while i strongly believe the black and white thing expresses so nicely all these opposite powers into us, different but so perfectly combined into a balanced unity! 
Black and white - or white and black, it doesn't really matter as long as we can find beauty and peace and balance and our way to express ourselves free and confident...

Love, K.

photos via here