Hey Babe Summer's Here!

There is something about summer that makes it so irresistible.
The days are longer and full of sunlight, the nights are shorter, sweet and warm, people seem to be more relaxed, even food seem to be more tasty! You pick some vegetables and a bunch of herbs, add some drops of olive oil and there you are, a perfect dish!
 Above all are the wonderful summer cocktails! To start counting them is pointless, they are so many and every year a new one is added on the list, they are light, cool, they smell wonderful and they taste amazing, it's hard to order only one. Summer is my favorite season, i can spend the whole time just lying by the sea, reading and clear my mind from all the winter toxins. Unfortunately, this year is not going to be a very restful period, but i can still have my share and enjoy a small escape somewhere amongst the islands of the Aegean sea.
Lately, i find myself daydreaming every single minute and something tells me it's about time to find that old cocktail recipe book and visit the supermarket's spirit area.
Enjoy your day!

Love, K.

images via pinterest