'The True Cost' ... Of Fast Fashion

Earlier this year i learned about this movie after receiving some tweets from a friend. Like me, she is working for fashion and was very upset with what was the movie about, even though it is a common secret!

The film is strong and make us all ask ourselves as consumers : is it really cheap - a cheap piece of clothing or is it a higher price paid here? I kept on asking myself cause i may work for my small fashion brand and try hard to work the ethical way,  but i am still a consumer, i still buy clothes of other labels, i do the same for my daughter, i write about fashion and stuff that i like, right here on this blog therefore, i can not pretend i am innocent!
Perhaps it is time for all of us to start asking ourselves, what is the true cost of fashion, what is the cost of producing cheaper and cheaper fast consumed clothing, do we care about who made our clothes, where and under what work conditions?
I would really appreciate your opinions.

Have a beautiful day
Love, K.

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