Make My Friday - Hunger Games

Yesterday night i came home so tired and bored, the last thing on my list was to start cooking.
On the other hand, due to my allergies and gluten disorder it's not very easy to grab anything that will comfort my hunger, let alone i am so into healthy eating habits during the last two yeard, so ... i had some fresh green beans bought the previous day from my favorite organic grocery store - this one -  and i knew i had to be ready in 15min - that was my time limit  - put by myself!
You may have already tried this, for me it was the first time it crossed my mind, hunger uplifts imagination, i was sooo proud i thought of it, this is why I'm sharing this with you, like i did something really important, but you know  really important! 
Anyway all i did was to put the fresh beans into boiled water for 10-15min. I added extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, balsamic vinegar, unsalted soft white cheese and a some walnuts that i like a lot, and i had a super tasty and healthy salad in no time at all! See, this is the food i like and i could just spend my whole life eating like this!

Have a wonderful weekend you!

Love, K.

P.S. I was too hungry  to do any kind of styling so the pics are super real from my kitchen.

images by cocoandsilk