Make My Friday - Building A Sustainable Wardrobe

I remember years ago, when i was a young girl, fashion was a lot more than just wild consuming. Those days my mother used to buy heavy fashion magazines, choose the fabrics and after a lot of thinking she could make up her mind and decide with two things in mind: elegance and sustainability. She used to love and respect her clothes, take extra care of them and she was always well dressed.
These days, we do not shop because we would like to invest in something we are going to wear for a long time but we do this, mostly because we like to consume.... We do not care about what we wear, in fact, i know people who do not wash their clothes because they believe it's a waste of time, instead they prefer to throw them away and buy new ones.
The way we approach fashion cannot be just this: a cheap piece of fabric. Too many people work hard around the industry, people we do not know and probably will never meet or listen to their stories.
I admit to myself - and to you - that till recently these thoughts did not occur to me, like the majority of us, i used to buy stuff without caring a lot. It took me years, a lot of searching and finally the personal experience through my job to realize that profit cannot and should not be above everything.
Building a sustainable wardrobe means i know what makes me look and feel good, invest in a classy piece and respect those who worked for it!

Enjoy your weekend
Love K.

P.S see you in Gothenburg on Monday! 

main photo by cocoandsilk, next two via here