Fashion In The Detail

When i first started to imagine how i could work for cocoandsilk and get involved with fashion, i had three things in my mind:
One, it had to be done local, i wanted to support the small local manufacture units and independent women or men who knew how to really construct a piece, listen to them and learn the old techniques! I wanted to know every single person who would work with us and call him-her with the small name, know their stories and build a relation of trust, common interest and support. Build a family around a small fashion brand with a big vision!

Two, i was not interested at all in the fast fashion culture. Our clothes had to be classy, made with care, sometimes with extra - hand made -  effort, a different aesthetic that would help our clients to build a more sustainable wardrobe.

Three, create a brand that will soon be able to support the weakest members of our community. It is not about charity, it is about creating job offer under respectful and human working conditions, building healthy bonds and not leaving anyone behind...by using the power of fashion!

We want cocoandsilk to be open to the people, it is in our future plans to support collections of new designers who share the same vision and approach fashion as something that can give joy to everyone involved. Be our guests!

Love, K.

cocoandsilk online retail shop soon to come