Greetings From Gothenburg

Hello and have a lovely week. 
For me, it's actually the first small brake of summer as i am in Gothenburg (work and pleasure) to watch with my daughter the One Direction concert here in Sweden.
It is the second time in a year i am visiting the country - see here - and i can tell i am so in love with Scandinavia and Sweden in particular! 
The city is so very beautiful and calm, green and human friendly, easy and well organized transportation, beautiful parks to walk and relax, chic cafes, design shops and excellent restaurants with Mediterranean dishes together with Swedish traditional cuisine. I am in love with the white nights of Scandinavia, even during midnight we still have some light, for a southern person like me this looks pretty amazing!
Although i am very anxious about all the things i left behind, i can not deny i am having a wonderful time and i so much realize i needed this small brake, this year is tough for me and the pressure of work is really huge! But summer is full of small escapes instead of a looong vacation which i never find easy to enjoy, blame me for being wrong but i can't leave things behind for more than a week - unless i am visiting Australia!
So till Tuesday - day of concert - i plan to explore this lovely city and get recharged together with all the beautiful teenage girls who are coming here to support their favorite band!

Have a wonderful day!
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk