Make My Friday - Paper Beauty

Hello there!
A few days ago i had the first visit  from a potential customer. It was then i realized that something had to change in my work space. I really love this place as it was always and still is my sanctuary, i literally designed and built this place with my own hands! For many years it was an architect's office (ups! that's me again), a lot of paper stuff, urban houses plans and projects around...but, this place has to change cause it is where i work for the cocoandsilk.com new project. Now it is all about fashion and people coming and visiting the place, make appointments and even try new clothes so i want it to be more sophisticated and female, yet still minimal! Anyway, as i was looking for something new to add to my walls i accidentally fell upon the paper empire, and oh! i do love paper!
Strong colors is not an option for me but this lovely illustrations are so beautiful and irresistible...even the birds!
Sometimes i have the feeling i live an eternal transition, changing colors at home - not completed  yet, my job is at the very beginning and now i am planning to redesign my office...Ok!

I suppose it's not some kind of mental disorder but i feel at my best when things are changing, change does not upset me, it gives me power to be creative. So, these days i work on changing colors and fabrics at home, organizing a small event to celebrate the cocoandsilk opening in a few days, work on my winter collection ...and redesigning the office, plus a dozen of new ideas! Do you ever feel this way? Somewhere between chaos and joy?

Have a beautiful weekend!
Love, K.