Make My Friday - The Low Key Aesthetic

Every time i visit Scandinavia i come back home having that awkward feeling like...getting reed of almost half my possessing, bad ha?
It is not that i own so much stuff, actually it is that particular low key aesthetic Scandic people have in their lives and everything that hugs it which creates an enviable calmness. Soft colors and clean lines are good for the eye and for the soul, at least my soul! Every day i am bombed from hundreds of pictures and my brain has to consume a lot of information pretty fast, so when i go back home, or when i get to work, i really need a clear and calm place, with no distractions and no fuss, an environment that will help me to put my thoughts in order and my work in place.
I am not the most tidy person on earth when it comes to my work area, so the more low key i get the better it is.
The days i spent in Gothenburg were a bliss, i could not have enough of their shops and cafes and restaurants and hotels and museums, you name it  - i loved everything about this city. I even loved their bright midnight sky, for many people this might be a problem, for me it was a sweet white light that was never leaving the horizon and made me feel secure and calm. Do not ask me about Scandinavian winter and how i could survive it, odds are i couldn't.
But, i can certainly carry a small part of a northern heart with me... here in Greece, the part that i love the most, their famous, amazing, wonderful way of approaching design and color and this for me is enough!

Have a wonderful weekend
Love, K.

images via Elle Denmark