Modernism, Art - Fashion ( part II)

Modernists had believed deeply that design and art could 
and should transform society.
Focusing on the most basic elements of everyday life, furniture,
domestic goods, clothes, etc, they reinvented these forms 
for the new needs and the new century.

Fashion was also influenced by this movement.The creations of 
the fashion designers during this period shows how closely 
fashion was associated with art. An important moment was 
Schiaparelli's famous 'lobster dress', (woman's dinner dress,
1937), which was made famous when it appeared in Vogue
modeled by Wallis Simpson and it was created together with 
Salvador Dali.
Schiaparelli and Dali were the perfect example of how art
and fashion combine to form an artistic synthesis.

Another example is the Russian and Italian avant-garde who
based their involvement with fashion on ideology.
In aiming to change the social environment, they designed 
modern working clothes which combined comfort, utility and
of course a lot of creativity.

The accessories - hats , bags, gloves - even underwear adopted 
different forms, let alone the hair style and make up.

All in all proves that Modernism was a movement that deeply 
affected and influenced the fashion industry and the way 
designers approached their themes. The designs of those days 
still look fresh and intriguing, balancing between chic 
and provocative.

Love. K.