things i love

There are certain things in my life that i absolutely love.
It doesn't have to do with how pricy they are, some of them have 
emotional value, other are fashion prides, or have to do with 
my love for food.

So, here is a list of things i love and i do not wish to live 
without them (at least for now, you can never tell what the 
future can bring).

1. Flowers , all of them , any time , any reason.

2. A picture my daughter painted when she was three. I keep it 
in my office and I'm very proud of it (and of her but this is 
another story).

3. The poetry book (second hand, seventy's edition) a friend 
gave me as a birthday present many years ago.
We are not friends any longer but the book reminds me of the 
good days we had together.

4. A candle my beloved Maria gave to me when i first moved into my 
office. I never used it cause i want it to be there always.

5. My DVF jacket, wonderful color, flowers, i wear it every 
spring and it always feels luxurious. Wear it with a jean 
and it becomes playful. This is why i like Diane.

6. I have a thing with home-styling magazines. 'Inside Out'
and 'Vogue Living' both Australian editions are my favorites.
I think i had the first copy 15 years ago. 
Do not ask where i stock them - everywhere.
7. My, yes i make it all by myself, pear cake with cinnamon 
and ginger. It is so tasty , super sweet and soft, perhaps 
another day i will write the recipe. Super easy super yamie.

8. This book, 'Easy Elegance', I turn to it every time i get 
the blues. It makes my day after five pages.

And of course first of all, the people that are important to 
me and i love them strongly. Thank you.

So, yeah, this is all.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, K.