Constantinople, between east and west

Constantinople a city full of charm, history, culture, flavors and so much more...
The first time i traveled to The City, is was almost 25 years ago. I remember the Turkish co-driver spraying our hands with lemon cologne the minute we left the Greek borders and got into the land of Turkey, it is their way to say welcome. Back then we stayed at a cheap but clean hotel and i could see the barefoot children run after me every time i opened the door to leave the hotel. This time things were a bit different.

We landed at Ataturk airport after a short flight from Athens to spend a weekend in this lovely city. We stayed at this hotel which proved to be a very good choice. The city was completely different to what i could remember, it grew even bigger, got modernized, some areas were totally a west side story and others still had the charming taste of the east. The good thing with our friends from the other side of Bosporus is they have kept, (thank Allah), the part of their eastern culture even though they have adopted a western way of living. All in all Constantinople was and still is one of the most interesting cities to see as long as you can be a little measured every time you taste the deliciously delicious Turkish cuisine.

Love, K.

All photos via cocoandsilk.blogspot.com