The Tree House

When architect Thomas Gluck decided to build this house for him and his family the fact that he already knew the land gave him a kick start.

The house was completed in 2012 and it really looks like a piece of art into the forest. '' Accessing the view and creating a living experience up in the treetops became the generator for the whole project. It's really the experience of being in a tree house. Looking northwards to the mountains , i would say that you can see 32 or 40 kilometers on a clear day and the money shot is the big view. But the trees are around  you on the other three sides, so when you look out you see the trees swaying in the wind'' says the owner.

It is about contemporary and visionary architecture.

Love, K.

photos via moddesignguru.com, architect.com, garden-mind.com, dezeen.com, vangviet.com, designmilk.com, inhabitat.com