Ireland, Celtic scent

They call Irish people the Greeks of north. I am not sure sure exactly what this means but there is no way to visit Ireland and not to be smitten by the country and the people.

My trip to Ireland was in fact my first exodus after some 100 years with no partner and no child. Together with my best friend Maria, we left Athens on a hot night of June to visit Dublin and Cork.

At first we visited Cork where Maria had some friends to see and we stayed in a lovely b&b. Every day we had the most amazing breakfast in the whole country i believe. The lady who owned the house was very kind and sweet and probably a very good cook - at least when she cooked morning meals... 
Cork is very beautiful with an amazing university community. I really felt jealous, i wanted to be a student again! 

After Cork we left for Dublin where we had an amazing time while wandering around the city, visiting the global known Irish pubs, drinking lots and lots of (GUINNESS) beer and talking to people who all seemed to be very Greek friendly...

Ireland is a country impossible not to fell in love with, amazing people and so, so beautiful.

Cheers guys, bottoms up!

Love, K.