Giorgio Armani make up

I like Giorgio Armani...a lot, i mean i like his clothes, his aesthetics, his story but most of all i like his make up line which believe me is beyond anything we have tried!

First i put on his Maestro make up product one year ago. The texture is so light i forget i wear a make up. Armani is a perfectionist and this comes out  from everything he does. He is classy, he is elegant, he is minimal and deep Italian red at the same time and i don't know how he manages this, i believe he is a natural. His lipsticks made me wear a red lipstick for the first time in my life and i swear to the shade. My only problem? I just wish i could afford even one piece of his collections! But that's OK , i can put my jeans and his 'red lips option' and everything is perfect. 

Do see the video i find it very amusing.
Have a lovely day.

Love, K.