Melbourne Home

This beautiful house belongs to a Melbourne owner. The house used to be a church although today you can hardly believe it. The interior is quite feminine with a bold use of color. I like the old marble fire place that creates a focal point into the living room and the combination of a 50s retro feel together with an eclectic Hollywood touch. Although color is present everywhere there is a perfect balance all around and when in need, lots of white creates a place that is restful and very elegant. 

Black and white combination is the secret to the super luxurious bathroom together with the marble floor yet, the retro hanging above the tub helps the place to be transformed  from monochrome to playful.

There is also a spacious terrace area, perfect  for dining outside during warm nights. As for the owner's walk-in closet i have no words...  

Love, K.
All photos via housetohome.co.uk