Make my Friday, Easy DIY Projects

Lately I'm very into DIY  kind of mood. It is something i can not really say i used to enjoy till lately but somehow we change a little as time goes by, or we discover that we really like and are interested  about things we did not had  - till now - in our agenda. 

Searching through the Internet i found some super easy little projects we can do either alone or with a little help, but nothing too complicated. Starting with the picture above, the color sprayed ping pong balls light, it is so easy to be made and i would say also in different shapes.
 OK this is something I'm crazy about, i find it modern, original, low cost, a good recycling idea, and the bottles can be in different shapes or colors.
Have you ever imagined you can use your kitchen utensils like this? If so, i give you my credit!

Perfect for a holiday house, a bedroom, a kid's room and incredibly easy to make

All we have to do here is to use small pieces of paper and make our boring light holders look a lot fresher!

We all keep pieces of different kinds of fabrics and these vintage (like) fabric pin boards (or clip boards) are deadly cute, can be made even from a ten year old and create a happy effect in the kitchen, office etc.

Please tell, tell, tell if you can find a more easy to do and elegant idea for a baby's room, thank you.

Have a creative weekend, love K.
all photos and ideas via pinterest DIY

PS:  Here are two books i have already read lately, but, unfortunately i can not stock any more (no more space available). One of them is written in Greek and one in English. If anyone of you wishes to own  them (together or not- the choice is yours) i would be very glad to give them.
All you have to do is to send a message and the book(s)  will be mailed to you.