Healthy and in Good Shape

If you believe that healthy and good shaped bodies is an obsession of our times...well you are wrong!

Take a look at this  book with a collection of health and fitness postcards ''from a whole range of adverts and public information posters from the 1920's up to the sixties and many were created as part of the Federal Art Project, a division of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The project ran from 1935 until 1943, and the posters encouraged - among other things - hikes in the country side, good personal hygiene, and provided information on how to stay fit and healthy.

Also collected here are posters from Russia - welcoming tourists to visit health spas in the former Soviet Union - and great Britain with sports and food advise from the 1950's.''

Now that you have read this put on your shorts, t-shirts and snickers and let's get physical!

Love, K.