Creating a Home - Office space

 Most of us are in a big need of having a (small) place for work while at home. In the big cities we are living, space is always a need and it is never enough. Here are some very good ideas of how we can create a really beautyful and functional place.

Aside from the 2 sq. meters we need, it is always important to keep our work place organized but with an inspirational feel. Everything that makes us feel and be creative can be in a view, whether this is our little vase with the weeks fresh flowers, a photo that makes us smile, or our - can't do without it - stuff.

Color is important also, small spaces, i believe , always work better with light colors. Keep the palette simple. Too many colors may distract you from your work. Finally you will feel so proud to let your inner interior designer create a place that will make you work with a smile.

Love, K.

all photos via housetohome.co.uk