Make my Friday, time for soiled hands

As spring is coming closer it is time to start pampering our flowers. This is always a favorite period of the year, the day is already turned bigger, the rain becomes more gentle, the sun starts to shine more during the day and our little pots are begging for new seeds.

It is one of my biggest dreams to own a garden someday, even a small one, but for now i try to do my best to create a green and flowery balcony, where i will have many lovely summer mornings and nights for coffee or dinner with friends.

I am sure that somewhere near you there is a place selling pots and seeds let alone that our days we can find soil, pots and seeds even in the big super markets. And how wonderful can this be,  after a few months to have your own flowers arranging them all around your house.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Love, K.
 All photos via here

p.s and here are some photos from my balcony with my sweet peas coming out softly, my carnations thieving and my frangipani or plumeria (which came with me traveling from Australia) looking great.