Put the Green into the House

No matter the season we can always have a dash of green into our homes. It is nice to create a small space of nature and really very relaxing. 

Taking care of a plant is like taking care of a baby, you have to feed, love, nourish, water, be kind, help it to grow and you will be rewarded for your patience and kindness. I can not imagine a home without plants, it is like life with no music. We don't have to spend a fortune on fancy pots and tropical plants, the simpler the better, nature IS simple, and we can use every empty pot or jar we have to grow something (remember recycling?). How about to grow a plant that will be gifted to someone special...

The good news is that we do not need extra space to have our own little greenery, plants are so beautiful you can put them just anywhere. Even a totally empty house, or the coldest space, looks different and better when you add a plant. Let's just use our little spare time and turn our lives a bit greener!

Love, K.
All photos via pinterest green homes