Vogue Japan's Striking Editorial

Model Magdalena Frackowiak, photographer Giampaolo Sgura and Anna Delo Russo are ''responsible'' for this remarkable photo-shoot. The results are these  - not enough words to describe the beauty  - photos. They are going to cover Vogue Japan's editorial ''Ancient Songs of Praise'', coming with May 2014 issue.

Vogue's photographers and stylists often work using the kind of imagination that is beyond boundaries and the beauty of this concept really left me speechless. I know digital technology helps but...hey...sometimes i wish i could be into their minds, explore what is happening and how can a person be so creative (jealousy)! How can anyone capture the concept, the power of it is above what words can say.

Do enjoy the photos. If it was up to me, i would place them in an Art Museum.
Have a beautiful day!

Love, K.
all photos via ftape.com and thecitizensoffashion