Where i love to work

I moved to my office 7 years ago  - before i rented a place just two minutes away - and from the first time i stepped my foot inside i fell in love with the place.

I ashamedly admit that there is a creative chaos or simply chaos here, as i tend to leave my stuff - aka books, magazines, papers, pens and pencils - everywhere, and by everywhere i mean it! But then this is OK with me as i really love to see them around and give it a try to organize the place once in a while...I mean while at home, i can not be so relaxed as we are living three people in a small place and the expression ''creative chaos'' sometimes equals to hell. But this is my land of freedom - you know what i am talking about- i can choose everything , from the wall's shade of color to the type of mug i can drink my tea, without a second thought.

How is your place looking like? Have you ever considered if you can  make it better?

Love, K.
all photos via cocoandsilk.blogspot.com