Make my Friday, by the Sea

This Friday i am going for a loooong walk by the sea, the longest i can have.
I don't know what is happening between me and the sea and although my genes are coming from the mythical mountain of Caucasus i am not  - at all -  the mountain type of girl, remember Carrie when she visited Aidan's little house in the woods? Well something like that, i don't have it...
But the sea...aah the sea is another story, give me a book, a photo camera and some water and leave me there forever. I understand her better, she is a woman after all, maybe this is the reason she can have so many different faces, she never makes you feel bored.

Any way, as i told this Friday the sea will be my retreat, i am planning to spend the whole day there (unless it's raining - even though the rain is so beautiful by the sea), walk a lot, play with my daughter, breath the fresh air, lie back with my book, take many photos to remember the day and the trouble-free  hours and just feel happy.

Do have a wonderful weekend, mountain or sea...

Love, K.

Photos via fanpop.com, thelivingocean.net, en.wikipedia.net, wallpaperfast.com, irul.ro, thestonesite.com, artandcity.gr