Christian Dior

Every Wednesday cocoandsilk will display beautiful photos
from  old and new fashion designers because beauty is inside 
but outside also, and beauty makes us feel calm, kind, makes
the world look better. 

It doesn't matter if we can not afford to own a Dior piece
it is not about owning, it is about enjoy life and be surrounded
by positive feelings. So...

  Christian Dior was an iconic designer (a fashion artist).
Born in Granville Normandy (1905), was the second child of a
wealthy family.

His desire was to be an architect but he studied to be a diplomat
as his family wished (Ecole de Sciences Politiques).

His career starts when he sells some of his sketches to various
fashion houses.

Dior decides to join the army and fight during the World War II.

He opens his own fashion house in Paris in 1946.
The rest is history.

Love, K.



Dior Fashion House

First fashion show in Moscow 1959

Exhibition of contemporary art based on Dior, in Shanghai  

 and... from then till today