Make my Friday, Nikis str. city center


Friday is a good day.
Especially for the Athenians the weather is an ally for small 
city tours. So, Every friday Cocoandsilk is going to have 
a walk in the streets of Athens.

One of the streets at the city center i love to walk  around is Nikis str.
In there you can find:

Avocado coffee shop, a small and warm place for coffee, tea and organic food from around the globe. Friendly and polite staff. Amazing, i can never have enough.

Just next to the 'Avocado' is the organic vegetable shop 
'4 Seasons'. Fresh and bio products.

 'Wine Story' is a place where you can find good wine from 
around the world. Prices....not so good.

Another traditional grocer store. I love it. Watch the flags....

'Koi' Sushi restaurant.

'Amandine' for bagels, nice eh?

'Buenos Aires' coffee place, for an afternoon talk.

And all the amazing buildings of the city center.

See you...

Love, K.