the tea party

Last night I'd been invited to a 'tea party' , a 'girls' tea party .

This home belongs to my good friend Despina  who is somehow like a  fairy 
lady.She is always smiling, trying to make everything (even the apple pie ) 
look and feel beautiful. She is not the kind of person who likes to make a
show , she truly needs things to be nice and beautiful because this makes 
her feel happy. 

Sometimes i tell her that she has been born in the  wrong era , wrong 
place , but she looks and me and disagrees , beauty is for everyone , 
everywhere , anytime . I know, but sometimes we all get so tired of trying 
to make things look better than they really are and we do not always manage 
with it. I tend to be more pessimistic than her or more hot tempered , but i 
know she is right and many times when i was realy down,  thinking of her was 
giving me strength to move on with all that i love , all that i want to create.

So, thanks for the warm afternoon , the talk and all the sweets and pie 
( i know i earned some weight ) but most of all thank to all the restless 
people  everywhere who make us try harder  , living softer , loving stronger . 

love K.