Viviene Westwood, a most provocative lady

 A few years ago i was standing speechless in front of a dress while visiting an outlet shop, downtown Athens.
The price was still high enough but the dress, 
oh, the dress was an ' i must have you'  dress.
It was dark blue with a very large v neck and endless,uncountable buttons. It was a Viviene Westwood  creation.

The dame was never the type of designer many people
like, you can love her or you can hate her but you can not ignore her, cause she is so provocative as a designer and as a person.

She tied her career with the rock-punk culture, Westwood created clothes drawing inspiration from bikers,  underground culture, prostitutes. She is also known as a political activist.

She is a London icon and she has said : 'i love this city and it's culture.I want to encourage people to love art and believe that culture can save  the world.
Culture is about people's outlook on the world and along with art , is the anchor that holds us together as a people and give life greater meaning'.


p.s dedicated to my friend and Spanish language lessons mate,
Magda. Thank you for sharing. 

Love, K.