Make my Friday, Apollonos str. , city center

I could not resist to put this 
photo in the beginning of this
post because Apollonos str. is 
one of the most gourmet streets
of Athens.

This Friday is going to be a 
wonderful day (that is according
to the weather channel) so it 
would be a good opportunity for  one more walk in the city center (my beloved city center), especially if you can have a late lunch also. There is always something very delightful in a late Friday lunch....

Let's start then

 FURIN KAZAN - yeaaahhhh!!!!
It is my favorite Asian restaurant. Very good and tasty dishes,
friendly people to help you decide, beautiful smiling crowd.
The only problem, the smell on your clothes after you leave the 
place, unless you wash them the next day, the smell will follow 
you for the next six months. Well....nobody's perfect.

 Just next to FURIN KAZAN proudly stands the kingdom of alcohol and
spirits. You can buy your wine or beer or whatever you want in a 
very good price. I like the traditional kind of style, this shop 
sends me back to the 80s, so young and so free....eh sorry, yes.

 This is INDIAN KITCEN, a new arrival (i think it is only a year or two since it opened). Amazing dishes, very well flavored, if you like Indian cuisine this is the right place to be.

 If you are a meat lover or a fish lover or a traditional dairy
product lover or a lover in general please have a look at this amazing shop, every time i cross the road in front of it i want 
to buy everything, run home and start cooking,(not that i do this...
every time...).

 NOODLE BAR is a chain of Asian food restaurants in Athens , I'm sorry i do not know if they are ''noodling'' in other Greek cities too.Tasteful dishes, small and cosy space,reasonable prices, friendly people. It is also a take away.

 NATIONAL DRY-CLEANERS, i don't know why i like so much this place,
maybe because here they clean aaaaall the wedding gowns of Athens,
you can have a look at the windows if you don't believe me. Also it 
is a good solution after you have visited Furin Kazan.

 And finally this old fashioned barber shop together with the 
barber himself it is the perfect Friday treat for every respectfull

Ok, thats it.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, K.