The whimsical world of Tim Burton

I want to write this post for an artist that i love.

I always liked Tim Burton's stories - movies. They are
stories where death can be romantic or even funny but 
not like Tarantino's way of view.

Tim Burton is an artist. His movies always have an artistic 
feel, the characters, the faces, the photography, the music,
the animation, all are very close to a pictorial kind
of existence. He lives in a romance with dark stories
and controversial but amazingly charming creatures.

Although Tim Burton is known almost exclusively for his 
filming work a few years ago i was lucky enough to be able 
to visit his exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
His paintings, his sketches, were like coming from a Gothic   
fairytale, so dark but so magical.

Tim Burton is an influential artist. 
Every time he creates something his work influences the cinema, 
the pop culture, even fashion. He is the different way of
looking  at our world, the story teller with the big eyes of 
a child.

Love, K.

 Fashion photos from : Tim Burton's Magical Fashion
Harper's Bazaar Oct. '09