Modernism, Art - Fashion (part I)

The term Modernism describes the modern movement in the arts,
architecture, design and other parts of human living.
In the history of art the term 'modern', is referring to the 
period from the late 19th to the mid 20th century, more 
specifically we are talking about the period following the 
World War I. 

Modernism was a movement that affected life and still is till 
now. Modern Art, was a great source of inspiration for fashion 
designers and P. Poiret or E. Schiaparelli are an example. 

Fashion and fashion designing changed radically during the first 
two decades of the 20th century. The Russian Revolution 
also influenced the world of arts and design and it was a 
period when the artistic avant-garde dreamed of a new world 
free of conflict and social inequality. So, we can say that  
in a way Modernism is a large collection of ideas and experiments
in every aspect of art,design, literature,architecture,fashion

Stay tuned , more to come.

Love, K.