Sibella Court

'' I love print. I love the immediacy.I love being able to choose eco-friendly options with a range of interesting finishes.
I love that you can do it yourself and that you can completely overhaul, renew, or refresh a space in an afternoon's work.''

The words above belong to Sibella Court.
She is an Australian designer and home stylist. She also owns a very 'different'shop called 'the society inc'.She has written amazing books and she is very young for having done all these but as you can see she is very talented.

Sibella is a world traveler and thanks to her history degree -yes,
she owns that too- she has the ability to combine research,
travel and inspiration into projects that are unique, magical
and unexampled.

She claims to  be part Gypsy, part Pirate -  a theory yet 
to be disproved.

Love, K.