flower power

We use them all the time and for every reason.
We use them for a thank you situation, a well come,a birth, 
a happy birthday, a wedding, new house, new job, valentine's
day, mother's day, name day, even for a goodbye (at the 
airport or at the cemetery).

I can not imagine my life without the beauty of them,
In the winter i have them inside to be protected from the 
cold, during spring my balcony is full of color and in 
summer i have to water them every single day to keep them
alive and protect them from the wild heat of Athens.

I know a lady who is convinced they are alive, they have 
feelings and she talks to them every day, maybe because 
they keep her company but the truth is her house looks like 
the national garden. Her plants are thieving, and like 
anything else in the world the more you give love the more 
you will receive back.

love K.