find the girl...(or the boy)

Many years ago i was siting in a small house , in a city in 
northern Greece, next to an old man, drinking wine and 
talking about life in general. 
I was just 21 and he was almost 80. I was about to finish my 
studies , full of confidence that i knew if not everything ,
at least almost everything , so sure that my life would be 
full of success , adventures , great love stories , 
many travels , wonderful people called friends or partners .
It wasn't exactly a kind of success story what i had in mind ,
it was more something like...life owes me (which perhaps is worst).  Why owe me? This i didn't know.

The old man on the other hand kept on listening , smiling , nodding , and being silent.
He was calm , kind , tender  and in a way mysterious.
As i kept on telling him all my plans for the future, 
he looked at me and said : 'whatever you do , wherever 
you go , whoever you meet , whatever they tell you , 
be sure to find the girl' .
I looked  at him , was he making a joke out of me , 
was he talking for another person?

Many years after , i woke up one morning and realized i spent all this time like most of us , trying to do my best about 
everything , with no complaining  because after all life does 
not owe to anyone and we fight for almost everything , 
but what about the girl?

He knew because he had already made the journey . He knew 
that the meaning of everything and the truth is lying 
inside , it is written to our genes and it is always there 
shining pure and simple. In fact the girl was always there , 
she was still alive , strong , looking at me and i could not 
say a single lie to her cause she knew the answer is 
always written with bright letters , the voice is always 
clear  and all the boys and the girls of this world 
just KNOW.

love K.